I’m looking for bloggers to collaborate with in Brighton!

Shooting in Brighton

In my Moon Tide Jewellery in Stanmer Park, Brighton

I’ve been making a few new changes this year and one of them is to get back into blogging again and making some new blogger friends!

My blog was at its best in 2012/2013 – a long time ago now! Back then I use to take style photos regularly and blog a lot about fashion and my artwork. It led to a career in Digital Marketing which then led to me starting Moon Tide Jewellery (the best thing I’ve ever done). After this my time for blogging became almost non-existent, but I’m excited that I’m going to have just a little bit more extra time on my hands very soon and I hope to spend that on blogging.


If you have the confidence, you can do anything you put your mind to

I am living by this mantra this year! Collaborating with other people face to face would have scared me terribly last year, but I am putting all fear aside and I am working on being more social and active in the blogging community.

I’d love to work with other style bloggers in the area who need someone to take photos of them for their blog and social media. Either I can work with your camera or we can use mine (I have a Canon 600D). I’ve been working a lot on my photography recently and been brushing up my skills for the occasion. I can work from reference photos to help get the kind of look and style you want to go for with your photos.

Another thing I really want to start doing is giving back to the craft community by offering small creative business advice that I’ve learned along the way to make my shop where it is today. But more on that later…

If you’re a blogger in Brighton and would love to have a chat about all things blogging and shoot together one day send me an email. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! :)

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