We’ve evolved into Boho Folk Collective

We’ve evolved from Bohemian Brighton, a personal blog about boho fashion, beauty and style to Boho Folk Collective, a space for inspiring, building up and promoting bohemian creative folk and their businesses.

As my jewellery brand Luna Tide started to really take off, I stopped feeling passionate about running a personal blog. However, since starting Luna Tide 3 years ago (back when it was called Moon Tide) I became obsessed with growing my business and marketing knowledge and was surprised that there were a lot of people out there who wanted to start a business but didn’t know how. Or started, but didn’t know how to grow it into a full-time career.

I lot of people said to me I should look into becoming a creative business coach since I love talking about business so much and love helping people grow. But the more I looked into coaching, the more I didn’t feel like it was a right fit for me. Skype calls aren’t really my thing and I would find it very stressful if people piled their successes on my advice alone. I also really wanted to have a platform to shout about all the wonderful boho brands and people I’ve stumbled across, and that may not have been appropriate as a business coach. I have started to build a nice group of self-employed friends locally over the last year especially, and I thought an online community would be a great way to reach other like-minded people who are further afield. I was also surprised to see how few places there were that supported businesses in my niche with business advice and a platform to promote through.

I wanted a space I could inspire, promote and build up boho folk style businesses and the people behind them. So I decided to transform my personal blog into this platform.

Community over competition

I have had a few people say to me whilst running Bohemian Brighton that it was really kind of me to share about other jewellery brands, even though I ran my own. I didn’t even see it that way! The way I see it, you’re not likely to only ever buy from one brand all your life. And besides, there may be many other brands my customers might be interested in who offer types of jewellery I don’t even make anyway. I’ve also come to understand that niches and community are everything.

Finding a niche and sticking to it has been the key to the success of my business. My niche is, quite simply, “boho folk” – particularly arty types in their late 20s who love crystals and adventure. I think there are hundreds of other businesses with the same niche and who offer different things from me, so I thought it would be wonderful to have a hub where all these businesses could be celebrated.

So, what should you expect from the new launch?

My plan is to build a community of bohemian folk in business so you can collaborate, celebrate and support one another. I am planning on regular interviews with bohemian folk in business – from designers to photographers and bloggers. I’ll also be sharing tips and advice on running a bohemian business, based on my own personal experiences of building and growing Luna Tide. I want to connect designers with bloggers, photographers with models, and boho babes with freshly discovered brands they just can’t do without!

If you’d like to get involved please join the Boho Folk Collective here.


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