Pink hair: The trend, the dye & the temporary solution

long pastel pink locks

There is something about candy pink, pastel hair that just screams care free, youthful and best of all fun. Lets face it, pink hair is to dye for, even if it does take hours in a salon to perfect the look! If you do want to take the plunge and dye your plain old locks to a pretty pink shade, there are only two ways to go about it: head to the salon and pray your hairdresser nails the look you’re going for, or brave the local high-street pharmacy DIY bottle dyes.

Dying your hair yourself can be a nail biting experience. We’ve all been there with disastrous consequences in the form of a week long bad hair day, particularity when it comes to light and blonde shades. Fact of the matter is if you want to dye your hair a pale pink, unless you already have light blonde hair there is only one way to create the look and that is to bleach your hair first. Now for that we seriously recommend going to a hair salon to do, and that is speaking from personal experience. You’ll thank me later. When it comes to the colour, if you want to avoid it going terribly wrong you should make sure you go for a semi-permanent dye, or even a temporary one the first time around. That way should it go wrong you can always stand in the shower for the next hour and a half washing it out, or you’ll only have a couple of days with bad hair.

If you are a little nervous about going pink and it going wrong, please go to your hairdresser! You’ll thank yourself later. If you’re local to Brighton there are plenty of hairdressers who will be happy to help you get your locks to a perfectly pink shade. After all, Brighton is home to the most eccentric hairdressers in the UK, and they’re pros at creating off beat and on trend looks. Pick a salon that is packed full of hairdressers with pretty coloured hair in every unnatural shade imaginable, and you’ve found the perfect place that will “get” your look.

If you can’t afford the time sitting in a salon chair making idle chat to your hairdresser, don’t want to commitment or you just can’t afford the hefty salon bill, then why not consider using pink hair chalks to add a hint of pink to your look?

Bumble & Bumble

Spray Chalk Blush, £15.00
This spray in chalk creates a light mist of colour over your locks, that will easily wash out. Spray onto dry hair and it will instantly add colour, drying quickly on your hair so you can literally spray and go, or add touch ups while you’re out and about.
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candy pink hair


Hair Chalk in Pink, £6.00
This hair chalk by Lulu (sold in Urban Outfitters) comes in the form of a ball, so it is easy to carry around with you in your handbag while you’re out. Just rub it against your hair to add a pop of colour of hair of all lengths and textures.
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pink top knot and dark pink hair in a bun


Urban Hair Chalk Pink, £5.99
You need to rub this chalk onto dry hair to create an eye popping pink shade on your locks. To seal in the colour, make sure you spray the coloured sections with hair spray so that the colour lasts all day long.
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short pink hair


Hair Chalk Pens, £14.00
These hair chalk pens are blendable, and due to the nature of their pen like shape they can create targeted tints and bits of colour! They wash out easily with shampoo, like all good hair colour chalks do, giving you a commitment free look! Use these pens to add a hint of colour to the edge of your fringe, colour in the tip of your pony tail of add multi colour to your plaits.
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long grungy pink hair

Urban Outfitters

Ombre Hair Chalks, £12.00
These pastel coloured hair chalks are ideal to add an ombre look to your tresses. Grab a selection of hair and start off with the darkest shade nearer the top, then slowly blend the colours down to the tips, so that the lightest one is at the bottom. Alternatively you can also blend different colours against each other to create a nice contrast through your locks.
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Pink Haired Bloggers

All good trends start with a few influential models bloggers making a commitment to it, and showing us how it’s done. With top high-street fashion blogger LLYMLRS diving into this trend by adding a bight and colourful pink ombre look to her hair (you can see her DIY video here) and model Charlotte Free rocking the grungy, neon pink hair, it’s no wonder this trend is a… well, trend.

Amy Valentine

UK Style & Fashion Blogger
Amy is a hair model at the hair salon Mark Anthony where they dye her hair this beautiful pink shade. The colour is a semi permanent dye by Wella and it is a diluted red, which only needs redoing every month. The downside to pink salon hair however is that it takes 4-5 hours. So take Amy’s advice and don’t bother going pink if you don’t have the time. You can learn more about Amy’s pink hair care and routine HERE.
Amy Valentine

Amy Valentine Blogger
Victoria Inthefrow Blogger


UK Fashion and Beauty Blogger
Victoria from Inthefrow gets her hair coloured pink at her local hair salon, where her hairdresser has perfected the dye themselves. The colour goes over dyed platinum hair and comes out much darker the first few weeks, then graduatly over many washes the colour starts to fade to a more candy floss, pale pink. You can find out more about how Victoria keeps her hair perfectly pink HERE.

Victoria Inthefrow

So, the question is, do you dare to dye your hair pink? Or do you think using hair chalk is the way to go? Either way, pink hair is just plain cool, and here’s hoping the trend is going to be around for years to come!


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