What I Wish I Knew About Selling on Etsy When I Started

Thinking about setting up an Etsy store? Here are a few Etsy selling tips I wish I knew when I started my Etsy shop last year.

boho bamboo doily clock

Boho Bamboo Doily Clock by Uncommon on Etsy

It takes time

Customers are wary of new shops without any sales. With Etsy, sales are transparent. You can see exactly how many sales a store has made and what they’ve sold. No one wants to be the first one to buy something from you, and understandably so. They’re taking a risk. The best thing you can do is to be as reassuring as possible. Outline all your policies, offer returns and refunds, put as much information about you, your business and your processes as possible. Add the “seller’s information” info, add a profile picture. Fill out your about page and link your personal Etsy account to it. Fill out your bio. These may all sound like simple things but leave one of those things out and your new potential customer may be put off.

American flag print handmade sheer kimono cardigan

American Flag Kimono by Green Canyon Trading Co on Etsy 

Most of your customers will be from the US

The majority of Etsy buyers are from the US. This is because they are HUGE over there. This isn’t a bad thing, by all means, but it does mean you have to add some key information in your policies which you wouldn’t need to add for UK customers. Because of this I would also strongly recommend having your items available to buy internationally, which you can do by setting your shipping profiles up to ship to United Kingdom, European Union and Everywhere Else.

Courage Card

Courage Card by The White Lime on Etsy

Flat shipping rates makes the world of difference

Unless you are selling heavy or bulky items, you don’t need to charge more per package. I made the mistake of charging £1 per additional item in the beginning, which put off customers from wanting to make multiple purchases. Eventually I dropped it down to 20p as in my mind, that was covering the packaging costs, but I soon came to realise that if I am charging such a little amount I would be better off offering a flat rate shipping and making my customers just a little bit more happier.


Pink Girl Scouts Camera by Raceytay on Etsy

Photography isn’t everything in the beginning

Photography is a huge part in a customer’s decision to buy from you than any other Etsy seller. However, in the beginning it is ok to not have perfect photography, as you will develop your photography skills and style over time. If you are serious about becoming an Etsy seller it is more important to get your items up in your shop first, getting views, than for you to faff about for weeks on end trying to perfect your imagery. You can update the photography later.

I hope you have found these tips useful if you’re thinking about starting an Etsy shop or have just opened your shop! Alternatively if you have any other tips I’ve left out that you think other sellers will benefit from, please send me a tweet!