Bargain Bohemian Brands You May Not Have Heard Of

It’s no secret I love the bohemian, care free, hippie vides in fashion. It is the only trend that has ever really felt like a reflection of how I feel inside. I love the bright colours, the cultural prints, the tribal themes and the pretty paisley patterns which really speaks to my inner flower child.

One thing that I have struggled with has been finding bohemian clothes at an affordable price. I am huge believer in buying little and less, and purchasing something that will last, but until I can fork out £80+ for a high quality kimono that will last for years to come I’m sticking with cheap and cheerful.

Below is a list of my favourite bargain bohemian brands and where you can find them. I will also be writing up some posts on these brands too so you can find out a little more about them.

I’ll be adding to this list as I go on.

Bargain Bohemian Brands - Band of Gypsies
Band of Gypsies - Bargain Bohemian Brands

Band of Gypsies

Get it at ASOS / Nordstorm / Revolve / Topshop / Urban Outfitters

This brand has bright tribal textiles, off the shoulder gypsy dresses and flares in bold and colourful prints.

Bargain Bohemian Brands - Hearts & Bows at Ark
Hearts & Bows at Ark - Bargain Bohemian Brands

Hearts + Bows

Get it at Ark.
I am a huge fan of this range by Ark. Their smock dresses are the perfect fit – not too short or baggy like other brand’s.

Kiss the Sky - Bargain Bohemian Brands
Bargain Bohemian Brands - Kiss the Sky

Kiss the Sky

Get it at: Ark / ASOS / Nelly / Radical Yard / Peak Boutique

Kiss the Sky is another firm favourite of mine. Tassels, safari prints and beach shorts – perfection!
Bargain Bohemian Brands - Motel


Motel have their own online shop that you can shop directly from, and they are also stocked in Ark and ASOS to name a few.

Bargain Bohemian Brands -Milk It
Milk It - Bargain Bohemian Brands

Milk It

Find it at ASOS

This brand has 70s style patchwork prints, fringed suede skirts and perfect paisley prints.

Bargain Bohemian Brands - Native Rose
Native Rose - Bargain Bohemian Brands

Native Rose

Get it at: ASOS / Urban Outfitters

More of a fitness streetwear take on the bohemian trend, but certainly ideal for those summer dance festivals when you can get all in a sweat.

Rokoko - Bargain Bohemian Brands
Bargain Bohemian Brands - Rokoko


Find it at ASOS

I particularly love Rokoko’s graphic tees. It is so hard to find cute festival tees and this brand have a really lovely collection of them. They’re not too pricey either!