Moon Tide Jewellery

My online store is now open! You can visit my Etsy store here. I use natural crystal quartz, shells and semi-precious gemstones in my designs, so you can take a piece of nature with you wherever you go.

I’m pretty excited about this new venture, and I am looking forwards to hopefully collaborate with other bloggers, photographers and other designers on this project in the future. Check out my designs below. Click on the image to visit the product page!


Ivory Shell Pendant Necklace 04

Orange Titanium Crystal Quartz Necklace 03

Moonstone Necklace 02

Rainbow Quartz Necklace 01

Rainbow Blue Crystal Quartz Necklace 01

Blue Crystal Quartz Necklace 03


Rose Crystal Quartz & Heishi Conus Shell Mermaid Bracelet

Moonstone & shell mermaid bracelet 03

Blue Crystal Quartz & Moonstone Mermaid Bracelet 02

Clear Crystal Quartz Mermaid Bracelet 01

Mint Sea Shell & Clear Crystal Quartz Mermaid Bracelet 01