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If you were to ask me where to shop for grungy, 70s hippie vintage fashion for this upcoming festival season, I would send you straight to badass UK vintage store, Ette. They have a fantastic selection of vintage ranging from fringed leather jackets, tie dye dresses and elephant print bags.

No only do Ette offer amazing badass vintage clothing, they also make their own handmade clothes too! You just have to check out their bellbottoms in eccentric, retro prints, and their super cute two-pieces.

As well as clothing Ette also have a unique homeware range, perfect for adding a boho touch to your home.

Good news is is they offer free standard UK shipping on all clothing orders, and you don’t have to be in the UK to get your mits on their vintage because they ship worldwide! You can also get 30% off with discount code BOHEMIANBRIGHTON30 – you’re welcome!

We interviewed the team behind this insanely cool vintage store.

Tell us a little about the Ette team. How did you guys meet? Do you take on different roles?

Ette consists of Lucie and Grace. We are two best friends who met at uni studying fashion. We became friends on the first day at uni after realising we shared similar styles and just didn’t really ‘get’ any of the other students in our class – we were the rejects, basically. Because we have built Ette up from the ground, we have both had to adapt to many different roles and for a while we were both doing everything, but as time has gone on we have realised who has what strengths/weaknesses and we delegate work accordingly.

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Where is Ette located and how does your location influence your designs?

We’re located in Manchester where we used to have a bricks and mortar shop. Having the store gave us the opportunity to meet face to face with our customers and being located in such a diverse and dynamic place definitely affected the kind of things we sold. We were very into the whole grunge scene when we had the shop a few years ago but since moving to a more rural area and escaping the city our designs have taken on a much more bohemian and free spirited aesthetic. We also spend a lot of time in France which influences our style and the fabrics we use in our designs.

Ette wild horses lookbook on Bohemian BrightonEtte clothing wild horses lookbook on Bohemian Brighton

What inspired you to start up your vintage clothing company?

There was never really a catalyst, it just sort of happened. It was something we had both wanted to do and we think one night after a day at uni we just went through our wardrobes and pulled loads of vintage pieces we both had but never wore. Next thing we knew, we were selling on a market stall and it has just grown from there.

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Who would be the ultimate fashion icon to style your threads?

If we’re going for celebs we would have to say Vanessa Hudgens or Jimi Hendrix. But we get the biggest rush seeing girls just like us wearing the things we sell because they love them as much as we do. We are not an aspirational brand, we are for the everyday girl.

Bohemian Brighton interviews the Ette team Lucie & Grace

Working as a duo must have its ups and downs. Do you ever disagree with designs or the direction of your clothing company? How do you deal with disagreements?

We have known each other for nearly 7 years and only ever had one argument which didn’t last long. Because we have lived and worked together for so long we are like twins almost. There is never going to be a point where one of us goes off on a tangent because we share so much in common and our experiences happen together so we change together.

Ette Apple blossom two piece on Bohemian BrightonEtte Hotel California Bell Bottoms on Bohemian Brighton

Talk us through your collections. Do you design and make the pieces yourselves? Do you use vintage fabrics to create new items?

At the minute all designing and making is done by ourselves. We go to different fabric shops to get inspiration – our faves are the indian fabric shops because they are full of bright, fun, patterns. With the current 70s trend, our current collection has been selling out so fast that everyday we are sewing. We often find vintage fabrics in France which we use to make our two pieces.

Ette Satisfy My Soul Bell Bottoms on Bohemian Brighton

Are you selling at any up coming festivals this summer?

No, it is something we have always wanted to do but just not been able to find the time as we spend most of the summer sourcing new vintage pieces to last us through for the year. But we one day wish to have an old converted double decker bus to drive from festival to festival in selling our stuff.

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What does the future hold for Ette?

It is so hard to know as we feel like there has already been so many different lives for Ette. Currently, we are working to grow and expand as a brand and hope to invest in employees and a bigger studio space. Our aim is to be the antidote to the throw away high street culture. We believe in style over fashion trends.

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Lucie & Grace are generously offering Bohemian Brighton readers 30% off with discount code BOHEMIANBRIGHTON30 at checkout! Head to Ette now and get kitted out for the festival season!

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