My new drawing a day challenge

13/365 Inquisitive Mr Racoon

13/365 of my drawing a day challenge

I’ve started a new challenge – a drawing a day!

I first started blogging when I was at university studying a fashion degree. I specialised in fashion illustration and needed a platform to showcase my work. Years later my blog evolved to become more fashion and style focused, offering me the career opportunities in Digital Marketing which meant I found less and less time for drawing.

I’ve had a few big changes happen lately, and decided to get back into drawing again. I thought:

What better excuse than to start a drawing a day challenge!

Well, 13 days in and it is definitely a challenge, but I’ve incredibly enjoyed carving out a time at the end of the day for me to sit down and draw. It’s beginning to become part of my routine and is definitely also my meditative time.

I am documenting my drawing a day challenge on Instagram. You can follow my challenge my my Instagram account @sarahfharman. I hope it inspires you to join in too!

Here are my illustrations so far:


1/365 Dancing starling


2/365 Twilight fawn


3/365 Big eared hare


4/365 Forest fox


5/365 Bright Badger

6/365 Cheeky badger

6/365 Cheeky badger

7/365 Magical Mr Fox

7/365 Magical Mr Fox

8/365 Midnight field mouse

8/365 Midnight field mouse

9/365 Mystical barn owl

9/365 Mystical barn owl


10/365 Howling wolf lying in the snow


11/365 Mumma and baby quokka


12/365 Slinky foxy

13/365 Inquisitive Mr Racoon

13/365 Inquisitive Mr Racoon

As you can see I’m starting to develop quite a style! Which one is your favourite?


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