Crazy about succulents


I will happily admit that I am a little crazy about succulents. They are just so small and tiny, and they’re fairly hard to kill which is always a plus. I think they are awesome plants for dotting around the house and your desk to add a little life to a room. The fact they they come in all these pretty shapes, sizes and colours, and that they cost as little as 90p just makes them the best plants ever.

Here are some lovely handmade things I’ve found to do with succulents which I thought I would share with you. Enjoy!


Succulent Kit with Hand Illustrated Teacup Planter – OH NO Rachio

I don’t know what I love more about Oh No Rachio’s succulent kits… the fact they come in a teacup and the fab selection of hand illustrated designs you get to choose from, the fact they come with everything you need grow them for total succulent novices, or the Hello Harriet bunny nail transfers that make an appearance in the photos.


Handmade Pyramid Glass Planter – The Planet Glass

Succulents enclosed in geometric glass pyramids are a match made in heaven. The little delicate plants look right at home against the stones and the solid, structural planter. It is as if you have a small piece of the desert with you to admire.


Succulent in Geometric Pot Necklace – Andsmile

These may not be real succulents (although, how amazing would real succulent necklaces be?!) but they ain’t half cute. Seeing as the cuteness of succulents is why I have a fascination with them it seems only fair to include these necklaces by Etsy store Andsmile in my list. Perhaps the perfect present for succulent crazy friends?

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Pot Heads Sleepy Moon – AVM Handmade

I don’t know how AVM Handmade came up with the idea for these pot heads, but they’re absolutely adorable. Tempted to buy a bunch and pop them in all my pots. Those little plants need company you know!


 Plant Guardians – Entity Art

These plant guardians will keep your plants safe while adding a kooky touch to your garden. I have an urge to buy a whole army of them to keep guard of all my plants and to keep me company. Their faces are so expressive, even though they only have too holes for eyes. They would make a great present for friends and quirky relatives.


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