Handmade Boho Rock Jewellery by Nostalgic Feather

Nostalgic Feather 'A Dreamers Dream' Fall 2014 Lookbook

Nostalgic Feather ‘A Dreamers Dream’ Fall 2014 Lookbook

Sarah Gouge

Nostalgic Feather Jewellery Designer Sarah Gouge

London-based boho rock jewellery label Nostalgic Feather is one of the hottest independent jewellery labels right now. With tribal pieces rich with stories of far away travels in shades of antique silver and bronze, their pieces are designed to make a statement and last for years to come.

Did I mention they shot their Fall 2014 lookbook right here on Brighton Beach?! The fabulous lookbook by jewellery label Nostalgic Feather really shows of Brighton’s boho edge.

I’ve fallen in love with this brand, and I hope you do too after looking at their breathtaking imagery and designs. Read my interview with Nostalgic Feather jewellery designer Sarah Gouge below.



When did your love for jewellery begin?

I’d say around 13 years old, however at that time my taste was embarrassing so I should maybe keep shhhh about that! After travelling at 21 I guess I really did ‘find myself’ and gained the confidence to express myself through what I wore. That’s when the love really began and I started experimenting and really became passionate about jewellery and personal style.


Wildflower Bracelet by Nostalgic Feather

Wildflower Bracelet by Nostalgic Feather

How and when did you start Nostalgic Feather?

Nostalgic Feather started summer 2013 after I made my first piece of jewellery as part of my Final Major Project at college where I studied fashion. I didn’t know I wanted to be a jewellery designer until I started doing it. After finally finding my ‘thing’ I lived and breathed for I couldn’t let it fade away. I contacted one of my favourite jewellery designers Vanessa Mooney to try and gain some experience and she invited me to her LA studio (dream!) where I worked on a few designs for one of her (then) new collections. After returning to the UK I was full of inspiration, passion and determination, I had no idea what I was doing but I set up my website and created my brand ‘Nostalgic Feather’.

Eternal Necklace by Nostalgic Feather

Eternal Necklace by Nostalgic Feather

Where did the name “Nostalgic Feather” come from?

Nostalgic is the appreciation of past experiences, times, feelings and emotions. Not like a yearning to go back there, more appreciating, holding on to those times as a positive and growth and keeping those times alive inside. The feather sort of represents me and my babes who connect with my jewellery and brand. We feathers are carefree, we move more freely in life. Feathers are gifts from the sky, the sea, the trees they arrive unexpectedly but never without purpose.

[pullquote width=”100%” float=”left”]My jewellery is more than just pieces of jewellery like you can buy off the high street. It’s jewellery with meaning and purpose, jewellery with a story, a nostalgic connection.[/pullquote]



Driftwood Necklace by Nostalgic Feather

Driftwood Necklace by Nostalgic Feather

Talk us through your latest collection and the creative process behind it.

A Dreamers Dream was inspired by dreams and believing in making them a reality.

I come up with a lot of my ideas for designs in my dreams.

It was about seeing vision when the world is blind, being an extreme worldly lover and explorer and embarking on new adventures – Cherishing the old and staying in touch with your nostalgia.

This collection has pieces inspired by beautiful golden sunsets, sandy beaches with turquoise waters, the fascinating roots of the trees in the rainforest all of which I saw and felt connected with. To be connected with Nature is the purest inspiration for me. From this I let the materials talk to me. I do not like to manipulate or dominate materials into a design, but to feel how they connect together into something a bit more special and fresh.

Wild Wolf Necklace by Nostalgic Feather

Wild Wolf Necklace by Nostalgic Feather


Wild Wolf Necklace by Nostalgic Feather

Tell us about your most favourite piece you’ve created so far.

Hmmm… I think it has to be our Wild Wolf Necklace. I adore this piece and always feel so content when I make this piece. It really seems to take me back to a place where I felt completely free and peaceful. It’s such a beautiful piece that has the perfect amount of contrast between bohemian and rock. I always feel it has such a story to tell.


Beyond the Tides Bodychain by Nostalgic Feather

If you were a wild animal, which one would you be?

Well that would have to be an elephant as I have always been obsessed with those magnificent animals. I don’t think anything would get in the way of an elephant with an idea in his/hers head!



What does the future hold for Nostalgic Feather?

I have started ideas for a new collection, I don’t like to rush these things at the moment as I have to allow things to come to me as that’s what feels natural and true to me just now. I would love to get involved in some more exciting collaborations, it’s always exciting to connect with other creatives. I tend not to think too far down the line but I will say I am excited to see NF grow and expand.

Nostalgic Feather

Nostalgic Feather

Handmade Bohemian Jewellery
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Nostalgic Feather ‘A Dreamers Dream’ Fall 2014 Lookbook. Photography by Diane Sagnier // Model: Natalie Phillips // Hair & MUA: Lulu Fullagar // Jewellery & Styling: Nostalgic Feather Designer Sarah Gouge.

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