A guide to selling on Depop


I started using DepopĀ in August to sellĀ items from my wardrobe that didn’t get worn as often as they deserved. View my Depop shop here.

I think it’s a super fun and easy way to sell your unwanted clothing and accessories. It is really quick to list an item, you just snap a pic, write a brief description and put in a price. Simples. I use it to sell items that are in really good condition and that I reckon would be worth listing.

Even though it is easy to sell on Depop, you should also take into the consideration the time it will take you to answer fellow Depopers questions, answer direct messages and also buy postage packaging supplies. There is also the time taken out of your day to pop to your local post office to post your items also.

Be warned though, Depop take a whopping 10% of any item you sell, which is seriously high. Because of this percentage, I recommend only selling items that you can afford to lose the 10% on. I suggest giving items to your local charity shop that wouldn’t be worth your time and effort to sell on Depop.

Here are some of my tips I’ve learned over the last few of selling on Depop:

  • Don’t use your actual name on Depop. Use words related to what you’re selling. For example, my name on Depop is “🌜Gypsy Treasures 🌞”. The emojis catch the eye and the name draws the interest of people also into the same fashion style as I am. My username name is my actual name however, so that people who know me can easily find me on Depop. If you have a popular blog, I really recommend going with your blog name. If you can’t do that, use the same username as you use for Instagram and Twitter so your fans can easily follow you.
  • Follow the followers of Depops shops selling similar items to yours. This will help you build a following that is genuinely interested in your style and items.
  • Try buying a few items from fellow Depop sellers to get a few good reviews before selling any items. I found as soon as I bought one or two things on Depop people’s interest in my items grew and I started getting sales.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.49.55

When it comes to listing clothes:

  • Show a picture of it hanging up, a close up of any details, and a photo of it on. I always fail at the last step but have still managed to sell clothing on there.
  • Write the description as if you can’t see a photo of the item. Mention its colour, style, neckline, sleeve length, pattern etc.
  • Mention style keywords within the description such as: bohemian, gypsy, grunge, boho, folk etc.
  • Say where you bought it from and how recently.
  • Mention if it can be worn for other sizes, for example: It is a size 8 but is oversized so could fit a 6-10.
  • Is it sold out online? Depop-ers love a popular item.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.48.43

For selling books:

  • Snap a photo of the front cover, the back cover, a peak inside the book (pick your favourite page) and a photo of the spine. The spine photo will illustrate to your customers the thickness of the book.
  • List the condition, how long you’ve had it for, and who it would be ideal for. For example I sell a lot of fashion books great for fashion students.
  • Mention the book title, author, and the publisher if you think people will search for that.
  • In your listing, mention where you bought it from if it is somewhere trendy like Urban Outfitters.


When it comes to pricing your items, always search what other Depop sellers are selling similar items to. Don’t forget about the 10% fee from Depop as well when considering how much to sell your items for.

I also use Depop to promote my jewellery shop Moon Tide Jewellery. I’ll post a guide on how to promote your independent business on Depop soon!

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