Interview with Brigitte May

Galactic Whale by Brigitte May

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of my favourite illustrators, Brigitte May. I saw Brigitte’s work earlier this year in a flat lay on Instagram, I think it was by Leana of Coconut and Lime. It was a watercolour painting of a whale called Galactic Whale. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it adorning my bedroom wall!

Brigitte work has the most wonderful mix of nature and celestial themes, that is so calming to look at. Her watercolours are made up of loads of little stars and watercolour splashes. The more you look, the more you see.

I’m a huge fan of Brigette’s artwork, and I hope you will become one too. Check out my Q&A with Brigitte below!

Brigitte May at work

How would you describe your style, and when did it first develop?

I’d describe my style as whimsical and soft. I sort of floundered through my first few art classes in college (where I studied fashion design from 2011-2014), experimenting with different mediums and tapering all of my illustrations to mimic the pages of magazines in front of me. It wasn’t until I began incorporating animals into the mix that I softened my approach to reflect their nature.

Brigitte May's Workspace

Does your past or location influence your illustrations?

I think everyone’s past has a tendency to weave through their work. As an artist, you’re especially prone to creations which are imbued with a bit of your own soul. I grew up out of town, on a farm with lots and lots of animals. I had so much love for them from my earliest years and that can definitely be seen as an influence in my work.

Fox Troop by Brigitte May

What animal is your favourite to illustrate? What do you find the most challenging to draw?

My favourite to illustrate would be foxes! I love their vibrancy and cheeky tail flicks. The ones I find most challenging are probably sharks or dolphins; anything with silky skin, as you need to find a way of showing their complex nature with such minimal texture and detail.

Fly with me to Infinity II by Brigitte May

What medium is your favourite to work in? Are there any art mediums you would like to branch out into?

My favourite medium is watercolours. The paint is so unpredictable and seems to move on its own accord. Though I do really love working with soft pastels for portraiture. This is something I’d like to delve into more over the next few years.

Follow the Leader by Brigitte May

What has been your most exciting project to date?

My most exciting project to date is designing prints for Peter Alexander, because I was obsessed with his PJs during my teenage years. As soon as I gained confidence in my art, I pursued him for a collaboration. The range with my prints is due out in a month or two now.

Libra owl by Brigitte May

Do you have plans to expand your illustration collection?

I have ridiculous amounts of plans for expansion. All of them involve partnering with my favourite brands and personalities. The realm of art extends so far beyond paper and pen. It’s in clothes, linen, stationery, homewares, furniture.. I’m always looking to merge my illustrations with industries such as these and, fortunately, I’m slowly ticking off my wish-list of collaboration opportunities.

Infinity by Brigitte May

Brigitte May

Brigitte May

Illustrator & Print Designer
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All images are credited to Brigitte May.

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